Students: How do I add a course from the Reef app?

Follow these steps if you are not logging in thru Titanium to connect with your course.

In your course in Titanium, your instructor can provide a direct link.

1. Log in to your iClicker Cloud account from the Reef app on your smart phone or from

Reef iClicker log in

2. To add a course click the "+" icon at the top right corner.

+ button selected

2.1. Type "Fullerton" in institution search box.  

Search box selected

2.2. Select "California State University Fullerton" from the search result.

California State University Fullerton selected

2.3. Type a search string for your course such as course catalog number or course name.  

Search field selected

2.4. Select the matched course from the search result.

Biol 101 course selected

2.5. Verify that this is the correct course then click on "Add This Course".

Add this course button selected

2.6. You will now see the course added to your course list.

Biol 101 course displays in list

3. To participate in a poll in your course, select the course from your course list.

Biol 101 is selected

3.1. If a poll is in progress click "Join" to participate.

Join button selected

3.2. You will the question on the screen and "A-E" choices at the bottom.

A, B, C, D, E choices are available

3.3. Select the best answer.

A choice is selected

3.4. If the teacher allows for you to see the results, you will see the summary of responses for this question.

All results displays.

3.5. When all polls are completed, you can view the statistics and course history of your participation.

Course History is displayed

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add a course and participate in a poll through the Reef app or