How do I start a Polling Session with iClicker Cloud?

You will learn how to start a polling session with iClicker Cloud.

Follow these steps after logging in to the Smart Classroom computer in your classroom.

1. Launch the iClicker Cloud application from the Desktop.

Double click the iClicker Cloud icon on the Desktop.

iClicker Cloud application on the Desktop

1.1. If you see a security warning window, please click the Run button.

 Run button is selected.

2. Provide your credential to login to iClicker Cloud.

Please Note: If you are running iClicker from the classroom computer, please DO NOT check the box "This is a personal computer. Sign me in automatically."

Email field and Password selected.

3. Select a course

course title is selected.

4. Start a session.

Click the "Start Polling Session"  button located under the course name.

Note: The blue"iClicker enabled" button indicates that a base is connected and is active.

Start Pollong Session button is selected.

5. Start a poll.

5.1. A popup menu will show.  Select "Polling" to begin a poll.

Polling link is selected.

5.2. Start polling by clicking the start button on the polling toolbar.

Multiple Choice is selected.

5.3. Stop polling by clicking the stop button on the polling toolbar.

Polling toolbar

5.4. Stop the polling session once you've finished with all the questions.

Click the "X" to exit out of the polling session.

X is selected.

6. Click on "Results" to view a summary of responses.

Results link is selected.

Click the Left or Right arrow to navigate between questions.

navigation arrows are selected.

Click on an answer choice to select it as a correct answer.

Correct answer choice is selected.

Click the first icon on the menu to open the side thumbnail navigation panel. Thumbnails capture images of the screen for each question you polled.  Select a thumbnail to view the result for that question.  

BE CAREFUL: You may delete a question by selecting it then click the trashcan icon at the bottom left corner of the navigation panel.

Menu icon is selected.

7. Click on "Attendees"

Attendees allows you to view the names of students who have joined, responded to a session, and/or any unregistered remotes.

Attendees link is selected.
list of Attendees

8. To exit the polling menu click on the "X".

X is selected.

9. Click "Yes" to confirm exiting.

 Yes button is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to start a polling session with iClicker Cloud.