How do I add comments in Turnitin?

You will learn how to create comments in your Turnitin assignment which students can then view. The types of comments include highlighting text from the student's work, pointing out grammar and punctuation mistakes where they occur within the paper, and providing an overall evaluation via text or audio recording.

You must have already created a Turnitin assignment within your course and at least one student must have already submitted a paper.

This guide has been updated for TITANium 2019-2020.

In this case, the Turnitin assignment is called Response Paper. You will be taken to the "Assignment Inbox" within the Turnitin container.

Turnitin assignment link is selected.

2. Click on the Pencil icon to select a paper to grade.

When you click on the Pencil icon, the title of the paper or the similarity report icon, the Feedback Studio will open in a new window.

Pencil icon is selected.

3. The Feedback Studio opens in a new window.

Feedback studio
How do I use Quickmarks?

1. Click on the Quickmarks icon.

Quickmarks icon is selected

2. The Quickmarks panel opens.

Quickmarks panel

3. Drag a comment anywhere on the paper.

'AWK.' comment is now on the paper

4. Use the dropdown menu to select other comments.

dropdown menu

5. Select Format.

Format is selected

6. Format comment show

Format comments show
How do I add my own comments to the paper?

1. Click anywhere on the Paper where you want to make a comment.

location on paper clicked

2. Click on the Comment icon.

Comment icon selected

3. Type a comment.

Comment text

4. Click on Assign Criterion.

This option is only available if you have a rubric attached to this Turnitin assignment.

Assign Criterion selected

5. Click on elsewhere on the paper.

elsewhere is clicked

6. A speech bubble will appear on the paper.

After grading and commenting are finished, students will see

speech bubble appears on paper

7. Click on the speech bubble to view or edit your comment.

speech bubble selected.
How do I create a general comment?

1. Click on the Feedback Summary icon.

Feedback Summary icon.

2. Leave an audio or text comment.

Tip: The maximum time for an audio comment is 3 minutes.

Feedback Summary options for voice or text

Article Summary

You have learned how to use the Feedback Studio to create useful comments on a student's paper within a Turnitin assignment.