How do I grade a Turnitin assignment?

You will learn how to grade a student's paper in a Turnitin assignment in your course. The grade will transfer automatically to the gradebook in TITANium.

You should already have created a Turnitin assignment in your course. This guide is simply about how to add a grade value to a student's submission. If you have a rubric, read this guide.

If you are doing your evaluation and commentary of the student work outside of Turnitin and simply want to add a grade, you can do this one of two ways.

This guide has been updated for TITANium 2019-2020.

Decide which method to use:

I want to add the grade within the Turnitin assignment.

1. Click on the link to the Turnitin assignment.

Turnitin link is selected.

2. Click on the title link of the student's paper.

To enter the Feedback Studio, you can click on the title of the paper, the Pencil icon or the Similarity Report icon.

list of student names

3. The Feedback Studio displays in a new window.

Feedback Studio

4. Click on the Edit grade for this paper field.

Grade field is selected.

5. Type a grade value.

Grade field is selected.

6. Click on the arrow to navigate to the next paper.

page navigation is selected.

7. Type a grade value.

Grade field is selected.

8. When finished grading, click on the X to close the Feedback Studio window.

X is selected.

9. The Assignment Inbox will now display the grades.

 Assignment Inbox displays grades

10. The Grader report will also display the grades.

Grader report shows grades
I want to add the grade directly to the gradebook.

Follow these steps to add the grade directly to the gradebook (Grader report).

1. Click on Grades.

Grades link is selected.

2. The Grader report displays.

You will see one column for each Grade item in your course. The Reflection Paper is the Turnitin assignment we are going to grade directly in the Grader report.

Grader report page

3. Click on the cell.

Click on the cell in the Reflection paper #1 column where you want to add a grade.

Grade item cell is selected.

4. The Grade field and the Comments field become visible.

The grade cells are now clearly outlined. The solid-outlined cell is for the grade point value. The dotted-outlined cell is for a text comment.

Grade field and Comment field are selected.

5. Type a grade value.

grade field is selected

6. Click on the next cell to enter a grade.

After entering the grade points and the text comments (optional), hit the Tab key to go to the next cell (or click on the next cell). You will notice that the cell you just finished has now turned yellow. This is to highlight the cells where you have already entered the grade points and to let you know at a glance that this Grade has been overridden. Read this Article to learn how to remove a grade override.

Communication with the Turnitin assignment is essentially one-side, so this grade you enter in the Grader report will not display in the associated Turnitin assignment Inbox.

Grader report page

Article Summary

You have now learned how to enter a grade value for a student for a Turnitin assignment. You have learned that you can enter the grade in the Turnitin Feedback Studio or in the Grader report.