Student: How do I take a quiz?

You will learn how to take a quiz in your course in TITANium.

Once an instructor has set up and scheduled a quiz within your course, you should see the link to it on your course main page.

This guide has been updated for TITANium 2019-2020.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

course main page

By default links within the course are blue in color. The icon for a Quiz activity is a blue paper with a red checkmark over it.

Quiz link is highlighted
quiz link is selected.

4. Read the instructions and requirements for the quiz.

After reading (1) the instructions written by your instructor, be sure to note (2) the number of allowed attempts. In this example, each student may only take the quiz one time. Note also the (3) open and close dates listed for the quiz. If no dates are shown, then the instructors has not set them. If a (4) time limitation is set, then you will see how many minutes or hours you have to take the quiz. Finally, the grading method will display if more than one attempt is allowed. The grading method may include: Highest grade, Average grade, First attempt, or Last attempt.

Quiz instructions page

5. When ready, click on Attempt quiz now.

If the Attempt quiz now button is not displayed, then either the current date is not within the open and close date range or you have already taken the quiz.

Attempt quiz link is selected.

6. Click on Start attempt in the Confirmation window.

Start attempt button is selected.

7. The quiz has now started.

Items of note:

The (1) Quiz Navigation on the left is where you can skip around to different questions (if enabled by the instructor). You will be able to see which questions you have already answered.

The (2) Timer if enabled will count down your remaining time. By default, the quiz will automatically close when the timer runs out.

The (3) Flag question maker will mark the question, so that if you have time, you can look at that question again (if enabled by the instructor). The marker will also be there when you Review the quiz (if enabled by the instructor).

Select or type an answer for each question, then click on the (4) Next button or click on the next question in Quiz Navigation.

If the instructor has set the quiz for "sequential" navigation, then you must answer the questions in order and you cannot return to any previous question.

Quiz page

8. Once you have gone through the questions, the Summary of attempt page will display.

If the instructor has set the navigation to "free", you may go back to any question and change your answer, using the Quiz Navigation menu.

Summary of attempt page

9. When you are finished, click on Submit all and finish.

Submit all and finish button is selected.

10. Click on Submit all and finish in the Confirmation window.

Submit all and finish button is selected.

11. You will now see the Summary of your previous attempts.

The information you will see in the Summary of your previous attempts depends upon the instructor; however, by default, you should see your score. This sample quiz allows three attempts and only shows the student the score.

Summary of your previous attempts page

12. In this example, the student is not allowed to review the quiz.

Click on the Review link, to review the quiz and how you answered each question, if the instructor has allowed that.

Review link is selected.

13. You may navigate through the questions.

If enabled by the instructor, you can see which questions were answered correctly and read any feedback included with the questions. Click on Finish review when done.

Question navigation

14. If the quiz is set for multiple attempts, you may click on Re-attempt quiz.

Re-attempt quiz button is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned the basics of taking a quiz in your course in TITANium.