Student: How do I update my TITANium user profile?

You will learn how to update your TITANium user profile, including adding an image and text.

Begin by logging in to the Cal State Fullerton Portal and then into TITANium.

This guide applies to TITANium 2019-2020.

1. Click on your User menu.

The User menu allows you to quickly navigate to your Dashboard, Profile, Grades, Messages, and Preferences.

User menu is selected.

2. Select Profile.

Profile link is selected.

3. Click on Edit profile.

Edit profile link is selected.

4. Scroll down to Email display and decide whether to keep your email private from other students.

By default, your email address is only visible to other students in your course. However, if you prefer to keep it as private as possible, you may hide it from all other students by selecting Hide my email address from non-privileged users. Of course, instructors can see all email addresses in their course, even if you choose to hide it.

Allow only other course members is selected.

5. Scroll down to the Description text box.

You can add text, hyperlinks, images, videos, etc. to this text box by clicking on the appropriate icon in the text box toolbar. Text and an image are shown below as an example.

For text, just start typing in the textbox. For an image, you can drag and drop into the text box or you can click on the Insert image button. Be sure to edit the image down to size before uploading. The larger the image file size, the longer it will take the web page to load when users view it.

When adding an image, you should also add a text description of the image by double-clicking on the image then typing text into the description field.

Description field has some content in it.
How do I add ALT text to my images?

To make your posts and content more inclusive, you should always include enhancements like ALT tags for images, graphs, charts, and captions for videos, etc.

1. Double-click on the image in the textbox.


2. Deselect the Description not necessary box.

Check box deselected.

3. Type a description.

Description field is selected.

4. Click on Save image.

Save button is selected.

6. Drag and drop an image file into the Profile picture upload area.

Select and edit an appropriate picture, if desired. Crop its size to about 110 pixels by 110 pixels. Now drag it from your computer to the upload box.

File upload area is selected.

7. Type a description for the new profile image.

Picture description field is selected.

8. Type information if desired in the Additional names section.

Additional names fields

9. Type some tags in the Interests section, if desired.

If you want, add text tags to show your interests (e.g, sports, reading, etc.). Hit Enter after each tag word.

Interests field

10. In the Options section, you can add additional information if desired.

Here you can add even more information about yourself, such as a web page URL, Skype ID, or other contact information or identifiers.

Optional fields

11. Click on Update profile.

 Update profile. button is selected.

12. View your updated TITANium profile page.

Note: This TITANium profile is visible site wide, meaning that every user in TITANium can see your profile, so please keep that in mind when you are uploading images or other information.

updated Dashboard page

Article Summary

You have now learned how to update your TITANium profile for other users to view.