TITANium Resource CenterBEGIN HEREStudent Self-Help Guide VoiceThread (via External tool)Student: How do I create a new VoiceThread and share it with my classmates?

Student: How do I create a new VoiceThread and share it with my classmates?

You will learn how to create a new VoiceThread by using the link that your instructor has created in your course in TITANium.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

course main page
Student Introduction (via VoiceThread) link selected
Follow these steps to create your VoiceThread.

1. Click on Create new VoiceThread.

Note: The "My Presentation" item listed on the left of the screenshot is a previously made VoiceThread. You can make a new VoiceThread and you instructor does not "see" it until you click on Submit Assignment.

Create new VoiceThread button selected

2. Click on Add Media

If you have already created a PowerPoint, a video, images, or audio, you can drag and drop to the Add Media area or you can click on the Add Media button.

Add Media selected

3. Select the desired choice.

If you already have some media (video, images, audio, etc) created, then use the correct option to link to it or upload to it.

To create new content, select Audio Recording to create an audio recording or Webcam Video to create new video, etc.

Choices include: My Computer (for content already created), Media Sources (link to your Flickr, Google and other accounts), Audio Recording (to use your mic to record audio), Webcam Photo (to take a photo using your webcam), and Webcam Video (to take video using your webcam).

Menu of upload choices

4. Select Webcam Video

Webcam video may work best with Chrome or FireFox.

Webcam Video is selected
Did you get an error?
Webcam error

The webcam on this computer is not cooperating with the VoiceThread website. Consider trying a different web browser or a different webcam or computer. Also, you might try plugging the webcam into a different USB port.

Open in a new tab message
Safari error

The message states that Safari is not compatible with HTML5. If you get this error try a different web browser, such as Chrome or FireFox.

Safari is not compatible with HTML5 error

5. Type a title for your new VoiceThread.

Title field selected

6. Adjust the Playback Options if desired.

Playback Options tab

7. Click on Save.

Save button selected

8. Click on Submit Assignment.

Submit Assignment button selected

9. Ticket the box to share with class.

Note: If this is a private VoiceThread meant only for your instructor, then do not click to share with your class.

However, if other students are expected to comment on this VoiceThread, then you must tick the "and share with class" box.

And share with class box is ticked

10. Click on Submit Assignment.

Note: If you do not

Submit Assignment button is selected

You have now created and submitted a new VoiceThread. Your instructor should be able to view it and grade it, as well as make comments if desired.

Follow these steps to Comment on another student's VoiceThread.

After you have created your own VoiceThread for an assignment, you can then locate and comment on other student VoiceThreads if they have been shared with the class.

1. Delete the URL starting at "/assignment...".

Keep the part of the URL of "https//fullerton.voicethread.com/myvoice".

browser address bar selected

2. Click on the VoiceThread you want to view and make a comment.

Natacha voicethread is selected.

3. View the VoiceThread.

Tip: This VoiceThread is an example of an image uploaded and audio recorded to go with the image.

Natacha voicethread displayed

4. Click on the + Comment menu.

+ Comment menu selected

5. Decide how you want to comment.

You can type text, call using your phone, record audio with a mic, record video with a webcam, or upload files from your computer.

+ Comment menu displays

6. Select ABC.

As a sample, text will be added to this VoiceThread.

ABC is selected

7. Type the desired text.

Text field is selected

8. Click on Save.

Save button is selected

9. Initials now located on the left.

User initials now display on the left menu

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a VoiceThread and how to comment on a shared VoiceThread created by a classmate.