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Student: How do I upload a photo from my phone to an Essay question in a Quiz activity?

You will learn how to upload a photo (or other file type) to an Essay-type question within a Quiz activity in your course.

For students, your instructor has assigned you a quiz and in that quiz is an Essay question where you need to upload a photo (for example, a photo of your notes from working out math calculations).

There are several steps to this process:

1. Copy the photo from your phone to your computer

After taking the photo of our work (or whatever it is that you need to photograph), email the photo to yourself. Open the email on your computer. Save each photo to your Desktop.

2. Does your instructor require only one file to be uploaded?

If you have multiple photos, but are allowed to only upload a single file, you will need to combine the photos into a single file. One way to do this is using Microsoft Word.

2.1. Open Word.

Word is open

2.2. Insert your photos into Word

You can drag and drop the photos onto each page in Word, or you can use the Toolbar menu: Insert > Picture.

Word with photo displayed

2.3. Save the document.

Check your instructor's instructions. If the instructor requires a PDF upload, save as a PDF.

Save button selected.
3. View the Essay question.

This is the Essay question where the file needs to be uploaded.

Essay question displays

3.1. Drag and drop the file to the File upload area.

Note: This sample essay question is set to allow only one file to be uploaded. So, if you have multiple photos, you must combine them into one file.

The file is dragged to the upload file area

3.2. Click on Next or Finish attempt.

If you are at the end of the quiz activity, click on Finish attempt; otherwise, click on Next to go to the next question.

Finish attempt button selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to upload a file to an Essay question in a Quiz activity.