How do I create an Item Analysis report?

You will learn how to create an Item Analysis Report in ParScore. The Item Analysis Report (IA) examines the recorded student responses to the questions so that you can assess the quality of those question items and the test as a whole. The IA report helps point out ambiguous or troublesome questions.

After you have finished scanning all student answer sheets, follow these steps to create an Item Analysis Report.

1. From the main menu choose Reports, then scroll down to Item Analysis Report.

Reports link is selected.

2. In the pop-up window type a Report Heading name (optional).

Report Heading field is selected.

3. Choose a quiz under Category and the version you would like to run the report on.

Other options can be left with the default values.

quiz 1 is selected.

4. Choose what you want to do with the report.

Select from Preview, Print or Export.

4.1. Click the Preview button to display the report on the screen.

Preview button is selected.

4.2. The Item Analysis Report displays.

 Item Analysis Report displays

4.3. Click on the Print button when you are ready to print out the report.

The report will be printed on the default (currently selected) printer.

 Print button icon is selected.

4.4. If you didn't preview the report, you can click on Print button to print the report onto the default printer.

 Print button is selected.

4.5. If you didn't click on Print, you can click on Export to save the report as a file.

To export the report to a file (typically a CSV file is the most useful), choose Export. A CSV file can easily be viewed in Excel or imported into SPSS.

Export button is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create an Item Analysis report within ParScore.