How do I import grades from an Excel spreadsheet?

You will learn how to import grades from an Excel spreadsheet which you will first convert to a CSV text file.

Perform the following steps after you have exported an Excel spreadsheet from your TITANium course. In order to properly match your student data with the gradebook, it is best to start with a exported Excel file from TITANium.

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet.

sample excel export from the Gradebook.

Tip: You can add one or more columns to the Excel spreadsheet.

2. Click on File.

FILE is selected.

3. Click on Save as.

Save As is selected.

4. Select the location on your computer where you want to save the file.

Desktop is selected as the location.

5. Select CSV from the dropdown list.

CSV (Comman delimited) (*.csv) is selected.

6. Click on Save.

Save button is selected.

7. Click on Yes.

Yes button is selected to keep using Excel.

8. Enter your Course.

course main page

9. Click on Grades.

Click on the Grades link.

10. Select Import>CSV file in the dropdown menu.

CSV file link is selected.

11. Drag your CSV file to the File upload area.

File upload area is selected.
Did you get an error?

This error is because you tried to upload an Excel file not a CSV file. This process only accepts CSV.

wrong file type error.

12. Check the Force import checkbox.

Note: You only need to select the checkbox for Force import if you already have some grades in the column(s) you want to populate with new grades.

Force import is selected.

13. Click on Upload grades.

Upload grades button is selected.

14. Make sure that CSV file is selected from the dropdown menu.

Import CSV page displays

15. Select Email address in the Map from dropdown menu.

Email address is selected for Map from field.

16. Select Email address in the Map to dropdown menu.

Email address is selected for the Map to field.

17. Match only grade items you want to replace.

Paper #1 is selected.

18. Click on Upload grades.

Upload grades button selected.

19. Click on Continue.

Continue button is selected.

Your gradebook is now updated with the new grades.

Did you get an error message?

If you already have data in the grade item you were trying to update, and you did not click on Force import in Step 12, then you will get this message stating that the import failed.

grade already exists error.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to import a CSV-formatted Excel spreadsheet in order to update some or all of the grades within your gradebook.