How do I unlock a Grade item?

You will learn how to unlock a Grade item in your gradebook.

Below is a sample course with the Grader report page showing. The "Course Acceptance Message" grade item is currently locked. If you click on the cell to enter a grade, you cannot.

grader report page displays.

In contrast, if you click on the grade item cell to the right, you can see that you can enter a grade value. This should let you know that the Course Acceptance Message grade item is locked.

the Weekly Discussions field is selected.

Follow these steps to unlock the Course Acceptance Message grade item.

1. Click on Setup.

Setup tab is selected.

2. Click on Edit.

Edit is selected for Course Acceptance Message.

3. Select Edit settings.

Edit settings is selected.

4. Click on Show more.

Show more link is selected.

5. Note that there are two boxes checked.

Note: If the date has passed, then there should be two checked boxes. Or, if the date is not enabled, then only the Locked box may be checked. In any case, uncheck all of those boxes.

Locked and Enable boxes are checked.

6. Deselect the two checkboxes.

Locked and Enable have been deselected.

7. Click on Save changes.

Save changes button is selected.

8. Click on the View tab to return to the Grader report.

Or, you can use the dropdown menu to navigate to the Grader report.

View tab is selected.

9. The cell is now available for inputting the grades.

The grade item cell is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to unlock a Grade item in your course.