How do I prepare my Gradebook for Export to Titan Online?

You will learn how to prepare your course in TITANium, so that you can then import the Course total grade directly to your course in Titan Online when you are ready to submit your final semester grades.

Alert: This process does NOT work for courses that have merged enrollments.

Enter your course.

course main page

Click on Grades in the Nav drawer.

Grades link selected

Click on the Letters tab.

Letters tab selected

Click on the Edit tab.

Edit tab selected

Tick the Override site defaults check box.

Note: You only need to tick this check box. You don't need to adjust the letter percentages unless your grading scale is different than the university's standard grading scale. This is necessary since the letter grades will be imported into Titan Online, not real numbers.

Read this guide to learn how to edit the letter grades.

Override site defaults box selected

Click on Save changes button.

Save changes button selected

Be sure to verity that the Course total has accurate grades.

You can check the Course total column in the Grader report, the User report or the Single view page.

Course total column

Article Summary

Your course is now ready for you to import the course total grades into your course in Titan Online. Read this guide to learn how to import your final semester grades into Titan Online.