What is a "Sandbox" course?

You will learn what a "Sandbox" course in TITANium is and what you can do with it.

All instructors at Cal State Fullerton have a "Sandbox" course created automatically.

When you login to TITANium, you will see at least one course listed. It should have your first and last name and the word "Sandbox".

A "Sandbox" course is a blank course created automatically for all part- and full-time instructors.

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What are some of the uses of a Sandbox course?

Below are some ways you can use your Sandbox course. However, you are free to use the course however you like.

1. Start developing your course content.

You can start uploading some document files, link screen captures and documentaries and set up some assignments and forums. You can start setting up a Gradebook with grade columns and formulas, etc.

2. Collaborate with colleagues.

If you are collaborating with a colleague (for a grant or are co-teaching or developing a new course, etc.), you can post documents or create activities you are considering using. You can figure out the best ways to obtain the desired student learning objectives.

3. Play with the activity modules.

You can experiment to figure out which tool will help you achieve the desired results. For example, whether you should have students submit a paper using the Assignment module or through Turnitin. Should students submit a Word document or a PDF? You can post an announcement in the Announcements Forum without "accidentally" sending your students an email.

4. Learn the ins-and-outs of TITANium.

You can practice with the various teaching and learning tools, like the Chat or Feedback. You can learn how to navigate and utilize the course menus. You can learn how to import an Excel sheet to the gradebook.

5. Copy any desired elements to your regular course shell.

After you are done experimenting you can use the Import tool to copy your course elements/content into the real course shell where your students are enrolled.

6. View the preliminary course content as a student.

You can add the Student role for yourself within the Sandbox course to view the course as a student would. This allows you to view your quiz scores, assignments, etc. in the gradebook and to test all of your student interactivities within the Sandbox. You can then switch back to the Teacher role to further your understanding of how a given tool works before going live in the regular course.

Article Summary

You have now learned about a "Sandbox" course and what you can do with it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to titaniumhelp@fullerton.edu or call 657-278-7777.