How do I access the course Reports?

You will learn how to access the course reports (learning analytics) to view the student activity within your course. There are several types of reports and logs which you can view to verify your students' activity.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon is selected.

3. Select More...

More... link is selected.

4. Click on the Reports tab.

The Reports section may be under the Course administration tab, or it may have its own tab. It depends upon how many of the features within TITANium you have enabled for your course.

Reports tab is selected.

Likewise, the number of reports will depend upon which features you have enabled and are using in your course, but you should have at least six listed: Competency breakdown, Logs, Live logs, Activity report, Course participation, and Statistics.

What does each report do for me?

Competency breakdown

In order to display the competency breakdown, lessons plans and competencies must first be established, so the screenshot below has no data regarding competencies.

Competency breakdown page

Course completion

The Course completion report will only be listed if you have enabled first enabled Completion tracking, added the Course completion status block, added Activity completion to some activities, and have set conditions for completing the course within the block.

This screenshot shows the names of the students and which requirements have been met toward completing the course.

Course completion report page


The Logs will allow you to search by specific participant, date, activity (all of the activities in the course will be listed), action (create, view, update, delete).

Logs report page

Sample Log report

Sample Log report

Live logs

The Live logs report will show you whatever actions users within your course are currently doing.

sampe Live logs report

Activity report

The Activity report will display each activity or resource on your course main page and will show have many page views and users have viewed each item.

sample Activity report

Course participation

The Course participation report allows you to choose an activity or resource, a date, and a role to see how many users have participated in it.

Course participation report options

Sample report of a forums participation

The Course participation report on a forum can be useful in deciding which students to send a message as a reminder for them to post to that forum before the deadline.

Sample  forum participation report

Activity completion

If you have enabled Completion tracking, then all activities and resources for which you have set a condition for

Activity completion report

A. Engagement analytics

The Engagement analytics report provides information about student progress against a range of indicators. This report provides feedback on the level of "engagement" of each student. In this report the word "engagement" refers to activities which have been identified by current research to have an impact on student success in an online class.

Engagement Analytics report page

B. Logs

The Logs report is a list of the activity within a course. You can see which course pages, activities, and resources were accessed, by whom, and when. You can filter the log by:

  1. Class - all of your classes are listed in the drop down menu
  2. Participants - lists teacher, teacher's assistant, and all registered students
  3. Days - list either all days or individual days up to a month and a half
  4. Activities - list all the activities such as assignments that are part of the course
  5. Actions - filters by the following kinds of actions: Create, view, update, delete
  6. Educational level - filters teacher, teacher assistants, and students
Logs report page

C. Live logs

The Live logs report shows you, in real-time, which users are currently performing any activity within your course, such as viewing the course main page, clicking on a link, attempting a quiz, etc.

Live Logs report page

D. Activity Report

The Activity report displays the number of views for each activity, resource, and blog entry. The Activity report is computed from the course's start date.

Activity report page

E. Course participation

An extremely useful feature of the Course participation report is that you can send a message to any students who have not completed a certain activity, such as posting to a forum or not attempting a quiz before the due date.

Course Participation report page

F. Activity completion

The Activity completion report shows a simple check list of what students have done so far. A student version of the Activity completion is report is available to them, so that they can track their progress on your course.

Activity Completion report page

G. Statistics

The Statistics report creates a graph and a table that show the different types of users in your course and how many pages views there have been for a given period of time. You can filter by date, user, type of user, etc.

Statistics report page

Article Summary

You have now learned how to access the course reports to view student activity within your course.