TITANium Resource CenterBEGIN HEREGetting Started with TITANium Communicating with StudentsHow do I send, read, and reply to messages from students and other faculty?

How do I send, read, and reply to messages from students and other faculty?

You will learn how to use the Messages menu to quickly communicate with students in your course. You may view and respond to messages from the Dashboard page or from within any course main page. To use the Messages menu on a course main page, follow these steps:

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

The screenshot below is of a typical Dashboard page, the entry page for TITANium.

Course main page

2. Click on the Messages menu.

Messages menu is selected.

3. The Message menu will display any messages.

Note: This sample user has not yet been sent any messages.

Message menu displays recent messages.

4. Click on New message.

New message link is selected.

5. Type a name into the search field.

Search field is selected.

6. Click on the person's name.

the person's name is selected.

7. Type a message to send to that user.

Messages are plain text only. You cannot send images or attachments - just plain text.

Message field is selected.

8. Click on Send.

Notice that their is no subject line. That is because every subject line is the same: "New message from ...".

Send link is selected.

9. Your message now appears in the message thread.

Message displays in recent messages list.

10. When someone writes a message to you, you will have a number in the Messaging menu.

The number "1" shown below indicates the number of users who have sent a message, not the number of messages.

Messaging menu is highlighted.

11. Click on the Messaging menu.

 Messaging menu is selected.

12. Read the message.

Recent messages display.

13. Click on the message to view the message thread.

message is highlighted.

14. You can view the message thread and reply if desired.

Message thread displays.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to send, view and reply to messages from students in your course using the Messages menu.