How do I add a Wiki activity?

You will learn how to add a Wiki activity to your course in TITANium. With the Wiki activity module you can create individual or collaborative wikis where students can use text, images, video, hyperlinks, etc. to build web pages.

Follow these steps to add a collaborative Wiki activity to your course.

1. Enter your course.

2. Turn editing on.

Click the Turn editing on link within the ADMINISTRATION block or click on the Turn editing on button at the top right-corner of the course main page.

3. Click on Add an activity or resource .

4. Select Wiki.

Wiki is selected.

5. Click on Add.

Add button is selected.

6. Type a Wiki name and Description.

Wiki name and Description fields

7. Select Collaborative wiki for the Wiki mode.

Collaborative wiki allows the students to work together on the same wiki. Individual wiki, the other possible selection, allows students to only see and contribute to their own wiki.

Collaborative wiki is selected.

8. Type a title for the First page name.

First page name field is selected.

9. Select HTML for Default format and check the box for Force format.

HTML  is selected.

10. Select Separate groups for Group mode.

Read this article to learn how to make Groups. Separate groups allows students to work collaboratively but not see what other groups are doing. Visible groups allows students to work collaboratively and see what other groups are doing.

Separate groups is selected.

11. Select all groups for Grouping.

"all groups" is the name of the grouping which was previously created for this course.

all groups for Grouping is selected.

12. Click on Add restriction.

Add restriction is selected.

13. Click on Grouping.

Grouping button is selected.

14. Select all groups in the Grouping field.

If a student is not included in the Grouping called "all groups" then he/she will not be able to access the Wiki activity.

all groups in the Grouping field is selected.

15. Click on Save and display.

Save and display button is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add the Wiki activity to your course.