How do I add a SCORM package activity?

You will learn how to add a SCORM package activity to your course in TITANium.

SCORM is one method using a lesson or presentation created outside of TITANium and still have it report to the gradebook. Some popular programs for building SCORM packages include SoftChalk, Camtasia, and Captivate.

Follow these steps to add one of the Online Readiness Module SCORM packages to your course which have already been created and compressed into ZIP packages.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon is selected.

3. Select Turn editing on.

Turn editing on is selected.

4. Download the desired SCORM package.

Choose which presentations you want to have included in the SCORM lesson package. Each package has a separate presentation. Click on the desired file(s) to download.

(The original presentations are by the  California Community Colleges with minor modifications and questions by OET.)

5. Drag the SCORM ZIP package to the desired location.

Zip package is dragged to the page
having difficulty with Drag and Drop?

5.1. Click on Add activity or resource.

Add activity or resource is selected.

5.2. Choose SCORM package.

SCORM package is selected.

5.3. Click on Add.

Add is selected.

5.4. Type a title.

Name field is selected.

5.5. Type a Description.

Description is selected and text is typed.

5.6. Click on Add.

Add is selected.

5.7. Click on Upload a file.

Upload a file button is selected.

5.8. Click on Choose File.

Choose File button is selected.
the ZIP file is selected.

5.10. Double-click the file.

the zip file selected

5.11. Click on Upload this file.

Upload this file button is selected.

5.12. Wait for the package image to appear.

ZIP package icon displays

6. Select Add a SCORM package.

Add a SCORM package is selected.

7. Click on Upload.

 Upload button is selected.

8. Click on Edit.

Edit link is selected.

9. Select Edit settings.

Edit settings is selected.

10. Rename the title if desired.

Name field is selected.

11. Type a Description.

Description field is selected.
12. Adjust the Appearance settings.
Appearance settings

12.1. Select New window.

There are two choices:

Current window opens the lesson within the same window. It is recommended that if you choose this option, you also select

New window opens the lesson in a new window.

New window is selected.

12.2. Leave Display course structure as No.

There is no need to show the structure because each SCORM package only has one lesson. If the SCORM package you are uploading was created by a publisher and has multiple lessons, then you can show the course navigational structure.

Display course structure is set to No.

12.3. Decide whether to display the scorm package information on the Dashboard.

The default setting is to show the SCORM package attempt status on the Dashboard and on the course main page.

Display attempt status is set to Dashboard and entry page

12.4. Click on Show more...

 Show more... link is selected.

12.5. Type a percentage value for width and height.

You can type a percentage of your screen or the number of pixels. Percentages must have a % sign.

Height field is selected.

12.6. Select 'Never' so that the content structure page is not skipped.

Studnet skip content structure page is set to Never.

12.7. Decide whether to allow Preview mode.

Preview mode is the default and it allows students to view the lesson as many times as they want before starting an attempt.

Disable preview mode is set to Yes.

12.8. Select 'Disabled' so that the course

Since this SCORM package only has one lesson, there is no need to show the structure (menu) while playing the lesson.

Display course structure in player is set to Disabled.
13. Adjust the Availability settings.

The availability dates can be used to open and close the lesson without hiding it in the gradebook..

Availability settings.
14. Adjust the Grade settings.
Grade settings.

14.1. Decide on the Grading method.

For this type of SCORM package select Highest grade, Average grade or Sum grade.

  • Learning objects won't work probably with this type of package.
  • Highest grade will report only the highest graded attempt to the gradebook.
  • Average grade will report an average (rounded off) of the attempts to the gradebook.
  • Sum grade will add all of the attempts up to the maximum grade and report to the gradebook.
Grading method is set to Highest grade

14.2. Select the appropriate Maximum grade.

For a SoftChalk SCORM package like these packages for Online Readiness, the Maximum grade should equal the number of points within the lesson. In this example, there are 6 points.

Many other kinds of SCORM packages are based on percentage, so the Maximum grade should be left at 100 for Captivate, Camtasia, and Articulate packages.

Here are the Maximum grade points for the Online Readiness Modules:

  1. Introduction to Online Learning (6 points)
  2. Getting Tech Ready (9 points)
  3. Organizing for Online Success (5 points)
  4. Communication Skills for Online Learning (5 points)
  5. Online Reading Strategies (6 points)
 Maximum grade is set to 6.
15. Adjust the Attempts management settings.
Attempts management settings.

15.1. Decide on the number of attempts.

Number of attempts is set to Unlimited attempts.

15.2. Decide which attempt gets reported.

Attempts grading is set to Highest attempt.

15.3. Decide whether to force a new attempt each time.

Forcing a new attempt will start a new attempt each time the student clicks on the lesson. Otherwise, the student could Review the lesson without clicking to start a new attempt.

Force new attempt is set to Yes.

15.4. Decide whether to lock the lesson after the final attempt.

Locking the lesson after the final attempt, should be used in conjunction with Force new attempt and Force completed. Otherwise, when a student Reviews a lesson, it may still overwrite his/her score in the gradebook.

Lock after final attempt is set to Yes.
16. Adjust the Compatibility settings.
Compatibility settings.

16.1. Select to force completion.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to set Force completion to Yes. This will mark each attempt when the web browser window is closed as "Complete" in the gradebook. This setting should be used in conjunction with Force new attempt and Lock after last attempt.

Forced completed is set to Yes.

16.2. These three settings don't affect this kind of SCORM package.

The Auto-continue, Auto-commit and Mastery settings won't have any affect on this kind of SoftChalk SCORM package.

Auto-continue is set to No.

21. Click on Save and return to course.

Save and return to course button is selected.
Introduction Online Readiness Module link is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add a SCORM package activity to your course.