How do I add a Questionnaire activity?

You will learn how to add a Questionnaire activity to your course in TITANium. The Questionnaire activity module can be used in much the same way as the Feedback activity module to collect student input through a survey of questions.

However, the Questionnaire activity module can also report a grade to the gradebook and can allow students to view the responses and collect the data generated by the questionnaire.

Follow these steps to create a workshop breakout session instructor evaluation questionnaire.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Turn editing on.

Click the Turn editing on link within the ADMINISTRATION block or click on the Turn editing on button at the top right-corner of the course main page.

Turn editing on link is selected.

3. View course with editing turned on.

course main page with editing turned on.

4. Click on Add resource or activity.

Add resource or activity link is selected.

5. Select Questionnaire.

Questionnaire radio button is selected.

6. Click on Add.

Add button is selected.

7. Type a Name and a Description.

Name and a Description fields are selected.

8. Configure the Response options for this activity.

8.1. Select respond once.

Type is set to respond once.

8.2. Select anonymous for Respondent Type.

Respondent Type is set to Anonymous.

8.3. Select After the questionnaire is closed.

After the questionnaire is closed is selected.

8.4. Select No for Save Resume answers.

 Save Resume answers is set to No.

8.5. Select Yes for Allow branching questions.

Allow branching questions is set to Yes.

8.6. Select Auto number pages and questions.

Auto number pages and questions is set.

8.7. Select No grade for Submission grade.

Submission grade is set to No grade.

8.8. Click on Save and display.

Save and display button is selected.

9. Configure the Advanced settings.

9.1. Click on Advanced settings.

Advanced settings link is selected.

9.2. Type a Title.

Title field has text of 'Evaluation form'.

9.3. Type Additional Info.

Additional Info field.

9.4. Type Body text.

Body text field is selected.

9.5. Click on Save and display.

Save and display button is selected.

10. Configure the questions.

10.1. Click on Questions.

Questions link is selected.

10.2. Use the drop down menu to add questions.

Check Boxes is selected.

10.3. Select the type of question to add.

Rate is selected.

10.4. Click on Add selected question type.

Add selected question type button is selected.

10.5. Type a Question name.

Question name field is selected.

10.6. Select Yes for Response is required.

Response is required is set to Yes.

10.7. Type 4 for Number of scale items.

Nb of scale items is set to 4.

10.8. Select NA column.

Type of rate scale is set to N/A column.

10.9. Type the Question text.

Question text is selected.

10.10. Type the Possible answers.

Possible answers field is selected.

10.11. Click on Save changes.

Save changes button is selected.

10.12. You have made your first question.

the first question is complete.

11. Click on Preview.

Preview link is selected.

12. Preview your questionnaire.

Preview of the questionnaire.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a Questionnaire activity for use in your course in TITANium.