How do I add a Choice activity?

You will learn how to create a Choice activity for your course in TITANium. The Choice activity allows you to ask students to make a choice among options you determine, such as choosing a time to meet with you, choosing a date to give a student presentation, choosing a presentation topic, or choosing a group to join.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon is selected.

3. Turn editing on.

The Gear menu reveals the following links: Edit settings, Turn editing on, Filters, Gradebook setup, Outcomes, Backup, Restore, Import, Recycle bin, Reset, and More...

Turn editing on link is selected.

4. Click on Add resource or activity.

Add resource or activity link is selected.

5. Select Choice.

Choice is selected.

6. Click on Add.

Add button is selected.

7. Type a title for the Choice activity.

Choice name field is selected.

8. Type a Description if desired.

Description textbox is selected.

9. Decide whether to display the description on the course main page.

Display description is checked.

10. Decide whether to allow the student to change his/her choice after first selecting a choice.

Allow choice to be updated is set to No.

11. Decide whether the student can select more than one choice.

For this sample Choice activity, we want the students to only select one choice without being allowed to change their selection afterward.

Allow more than one choice to be selected is set to No.

12. Decide whether to limit how many students can select each choice.

Creating a limit to the number of responses allowed, lets you determine how many students can make that choice.

Limit the number of responses allowed is set to Yes.

13. Type names for the options and set a limit.

So, each Option now has a name and a limit of four students can select that option.

Option and limit fields are completed.

14. Set Open and Close dates, if desired.

Availability dates

15. Change the Publish results setting to allow students to see each other.

In this sample, we want the students to know who they will be working with in each group. This will allow them to send a message to each other to coordinate their group's activities.

Publish results is set to Allways show results.

16. Select whether to have the results anonymous.

Privacy of results is set to Publish full results.

17. Select whether to show the students who have not yet made a selection.

Show column for unanswered is set to Yes.

18. Adjust the remaining settings as desired.

additional settings

19. Click on Save and return to course.

Save and return to course button is selected.
Choice activity is now on the course main page.

21. View Choice activity.

Choice activity page

22. If any of the students do not respond by the deadline, you can select for them.

groups for responses

Article Summary

You have learned how to create a Choice activity for your students within your course.