How do I customize my Dashboard in TITANium?

You will learn how to customize your Dashboard page in TITANium. Log in to the CSUF Portal, then into TITANium. Now, you will see the Dashboard page.

1. View the Dashboard page.

This user currently has only one course. The course title is in a lighter colored font indicating that it is not visible to students enrolled in the course. Only users with the Teacher role can view a closed course.

Dashboard page

2. Click on the Customize this page button.

Customize this page button is selected.

What would you like to learn how to do?

Reorder the list of my courses.

1. Grab the Crosshairs and drag the course title to a new location.

Crosshairs are selected.

2. The Sandbox course is now in a new location.

The Sandbox course is now second.
Change the number of courses that display.

This dropdown list will allow you to choose how many courses to display. For example, if you are enrolled in several courses for this semester, plus some from a previous semester, your list may get pretty long.

1. Use the dropdown menu to select the number of courses to show.

1 is selected.

2. Now only one course displays on the page.

onOy one course displays on the page.

Tip: Select Always show all from the drop down to see all of your courses again. You may want to do that before the start of the next term when you are ready to setup your new courses.

Add a Block

1. Scroll down the Nav drawer.

Nav drawer is selected.

Note: You must first click on Customize this page in order for the Add a block link to appear.

2. Click on Add a block.

Add a block link is selected.
I don't see the Nav drawer.

1. Click on the Hamburger icon.

Hamburger icon is selected.
Library search block is selected.

4. The Library search block on appears on the Dashboard.

Library search block now appears on the Dashboard.
Move a block.

1. Drag the block to a new location.

Crosshairs are selected.

2. The Library block is now in the new location.

Library search block is in the new location.
Reset page to default.

Reseting the page will add back all default blocks and settings. It will also remove any blocks you have added.

1. Click on the Reset page to default button.

Reset page to default button is selected.
Finish customizing.

When you are finished making changes...

1. Click on Stop customizing this page.

Stop customizing this page button is selected.

Article Summary

You have learned how to customize the Dashboard page in TITANium.