How do I request a TITANium course web site?

You will learn how to request a course web site in TITANium.

Course web sites within TITANium are created automatically approximately 48 hours after you have been designated as the instructor for a course by your department Administrative Coordinator. You don't need to request one.  

However, if you would like an extra course shell to work in, so that you can develop a new course or redesign a course, then email

A "Sandbox" course is automatically created.

A "Sandbox" course is created for each instructor to use, so that you can start developing your course content which you plan to have in your actual course in TITANium. Almost all of the course elements you create in the Sandbox can be copied to your regular course site once you have been enrolled in it. Read this guide to learn more about what you can do with your Sandbox course.

Dashboard page

If you log in and do not see your Sandbox course on your Dashboard, then you may request one by sending an email to or or calling 657-278-7777.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to request a Sandbox course for your use in TITANium.