How do I use Chat for real-time text-based discussions?

You will learn how to use the Chat tool in TITANium to conduct real-time text-based discussions with your students. You may want to consider conducting such chats with smaller groups of students.

Follow these steps after you have added a Chat on your course main page as well as after you have made student groups.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Click on the title of the Chat you have already created.

"Chat for Group Research Project" is selected

3. Click on the dropdown menu.

This sample Chat is set for Separate groups, so the instructor has the choice of posting to one individual group or to all groups. The groups cannot see each others' posts. Only students within the same group can post messages to each other. The instructor can see all posted messages.

dropdown menu selected

4. Select "The Firebolts".

The Firebolts is selected

5. Click on "Click here to enter the chat now".

enter chat link is selected

6. The chat opens in a new window.

chat window

7. Once the students log in, you can exchange messages with them.

Keep in mind that if you click on Talk and send a post, it is not a private post. All students in the group can still see it. The Beep link makes a noise on that students speakers/ear buds.

chat window with some posts

Article Summary

You have now learned of one way to use the Chat tool within your course to communicate synchronously with your students.