How do I link to my lesson in SoftChalk Cloud?

You will learn how to link to a SoftChalk Cloud lesson which will then display the student scores in your TITANium course gradebook as the students complete the lesson.

Follow these steps after you have already uploaded a lesson to your SoftChalk Cloud account.

1. Enter your course.

course main page is displayed

2. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon is selected.

3. Select Turn editing on.

Turn editing on is selected.

4. Click on Add activity or resource.

Add activity or resource link is selected.

5. Select External tool.

External tool is selected.

6. Click on Add button.

Add button is selected.

7. Type a name in the Activity name field.

Activity name field is selected.

8. Login to your SoftChalk Cloud account.

In a separate browser tab, go to to login to your SoftChalk Cloud account.

softchalk username and password fields are selected.

9. Hover over My Content.

My Content is selected.

10. Select Lessons.

Lessons is selected.

11. Click on the appropriate lesson.

Introduction to Online Learning lesson is selected.
LTI Link field is selected.
LTI Link field is selected.

14. Return to your course page and paste the text into the Tool URL field.

Tool URL field is selected.

15. Scroll down to the Grade section.

Grade section is selected.

16. Type the appropriate grade value.

Maximum grade field is selected.

17. Click on the Save and return to course button.

Save and return to course button is selected.
Introduction to Online Readiness link is selected.

19. A Grade column has been created in the gradebook.

a grade column is displayed.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to link to your SoftChalk Cloud lesson and have the score report to the gradebook.

For more resources, see the SoftChalk Cloud website video tutorials: