How do I merge two or more courses in TITANium?

You will learn how to merge the enrollments from two or more courses in TITANium.

For example, you may have an online course which also has a Course Match section. To save yourself time, you can merge the enrollments into the main course.

Another advantage of merging enrollments is that this link is dynamic, meaning if a student drops or adds one of the course sections, it will be reflected in the master course as well.

1. Enter the main course.

This is the course where you will bring the enrollment from the other cours (s) into.

course main page
Participants link is selected.

3. Click on the Gear icon.

The Participants page is where you can view your students, assign roles, check their status, verify which group they are in, see when their last login to the course was, etc.

Attention: Now is a good time to consider whether you would like to have the students from each of the two courses be in separate groups. Why? It will make submitting final semester grades a little easier, as you will be able to see at a glance which course section each student belongs to.

The Gear icon is selected in Participants page..
Click here to learn how to create a group.

1. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon in Participants is selected again.

2. Select Groups.

Groups is selected.

3. Click on Auto-create groups.

Auto-create groups is selected.

4. Type a name for the group.

Naming scheme field is selected.

5. Type "1" for the number of groups to create.

Group/member count field is selected.

6. Select Student for role.

Student role is selected.

7. Select New grouping.

New grouping is selected.

8. Type a name for the grouping.

Grouping name field is selected

9. Click on Submit.

Submit button is selected.

10. You have now made a new group and a new grouping.

Groups page is displayed showing the new group.

11. Click on Participants to return to the Participants page.

Paricipants link is selected again.
Enrollment methods link is selected.

5. Select the Dropdown menu for Add method.

Dropdown menu for Add method is selected.
Course meta link is selected.

7. Type in the first part the other course title.

The Link course field is selected.

8. Click on the desired course

The Online Education and Training 2 course is selected.

9. Select Create new group.

Create new group is selected.

10. Click on Add method.

Add method button is selected.

11. The enrollments have now been merged.

Course meta link is highlighted

12. Click on Participants.

Participants link.

13. Note that the students are in separate groups.

The students from the second section are in a group with the name of that course. Since in this example, the students in the master course were put into a group called "Section 01", they are in that group. This allows you to sort by group or to deliver instructional content to one group but not the other, if desired.

two different groups.
How do I remove this course merge?

Removing the meta link will delete all of the work that those students have done in the course, including grades, forum posts, assignments, etc.

1. Click on the Gear icon in the Participants page.

Gear icon in Participants is selected.

2. Select Enrollment methods.

Enrollment methods link is selected.

3. Click on the Trash can icon.

Trash icon is selected.

4. Click on Continue.

Continue button is selected 1

5. Click on Continue.

Continue button is selected 2

Those merged enrollments are now gone from your master course.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to do a course merge, so that enrollments from two or more courses are now listed in one master course.

Remember to only make the master course visible to students and to put all of your instructional content and communications in that one course.

Read this guide to learn how to make a course visible to your students.