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How do I view all of a student's posts in a forum?

You will learn how to view all of the posts in a forum by a given student or view all posts by all students. This can be useful in grading a forum.

Follow these steps after you have already created a forum and students have already posted to that forum.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

course main page

2. Click on the title of the forum.

Introductions forum link is selected.

3. Click on the Search forums button.

Search forum button is selected.

4. The Advanced search forum fields will display.

You can search by any or all of the search fields below.

Advanced search forum fields are listed.

5. Use the dropdown to select the desired forum.

The one field that must be selected is that you must select which forum to search.

Introduction forum is selected.

6. If searching for only one student's posts, then type the student's name in the Author field.

The author search text field can be any part of the student's name. So, to get results for only the one student desired, type in their exact name.

Author field is selected.

7. Click on Search forums.

Search forums button is selected.

8. The searched for posts will display.

6 results display

9. Use the drop down ratings menu to grade the forum posts.

If the forum is set for ratings, then you can rate each post. This sample has a scale of "Not complete/Complete". You can use the standard points scale or create your own.

Complete is selected.

10. Article Summary

You have now learned how to view all of the posts within a given forum in your course in TITANium.