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How do I set an Assignment to be for only one specific group?

You will learn how to set an Assignment activity to be only visible and accessible to a specific group of students in your course in TITANium.

This can be useful, for example, if you have different assignments for different groups of students, such as Undergraduate versus Graduate students. Graduate students may be required to submit an extra paper for a given course. Making a group restriction hides the assignment completely from all of the other students both on the course main page and in the gradebook.

Follow these steps after you have already created or have learned how to create an Assignment activity and have already created one or more Groups.

1. Within your course, scroll down to where you created your Assignment activity.

Week 3 topic section
Opinion Paper #1 link is selected.

3. Click on Edit settings.

 Edit settings link is selected.

4. Scroll down to the Restrict access settings.

Restrict access settings.

5. Click on Add restriction.

Add restriction button is selected.

6. Click on Group.

Note: Group and Groupings will only be displayed if you have already created a Group and a Grouping within your course.

 Group button is selected.

7. Choose the name of the group in the dropdown menu.

Group A is selected.

If you do not click on the Eye icon, then all students in the course will see the link and a message on the course main page stating that the assignment is only available to the group that you just selected.

Eye icon is selected.

9. Click on Save and return to course.

Save and return to course button is selected.

Teachers will see this hidden activity. Group A members will see the link and non-members will not see it at all.

Opinion Paper #1 link is highlighted.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to restrict access for an Assignment activity to a specific group of students in your course.