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How do I find out who the Leader is of a Community?

You will learn how to search for communities using keywords and how to find the Leader of a given community.

1. Enter the TITANium Communities site.

Note: This particular user is enrolled in one community.

2. Within the Navigation block, click on Site home.

Site home link is selected.

3. The Site home page displays.

The Leader of the one community this user is enrolled in is shown below the title of the course.

 Site home page

4. To search for a given community, type keywords or the title of the community in the Search field

Go button is selected.

5. Click on Go.

Click on Go.

6. All of the communities with that keyword in it will be displayed.

The names of the Leaders of those communities will also be displayed.

List of communities by search.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to do a basic search for communities by keyword, and thereby also find out who the Leader is for each of those communities.