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How do I rotate my upside down iPad video? (PC version)?

You will learn how to use Camtasia Studio on a PC to quickly and easily rotate your upside down iPad (or iPhone) video clip. Camtasia Studio is free for Cal State Fullerton faculty and staff.

  1. Request your free Camtasia Studio software
  2. Download the 30-day trial

Follow these steps below after you have installed Camtasia Studio.

upside down iPad video preview

1. Drag the upside video file to the Media bin of a new Camtasia Studio project.

Note: For tutorials on getting started with Camtasia Studio, visit Techsmith.com

Drag the upside video file to the Media bin.

2. The video may auto rotate.

Note that the image in the Media bin now displays right-side up.

media in media bin

3. Right-click on the video in the Media bin and select "Add to Timeline at Playhead".

Or, drag the video from the Media bin to the Timeline below.

media in media bin

4. The video is now on the Timeline.

timeline showing the video clip
5. If the Stage is the wrong size, you will need to set it to the correct size.

Note the black area around the preview of the video. This indicates that the Stage is not the correct size. This Stage (1920x1080) is not the same dimensions as the video clip (1280x720).

Follow these sub-steps to manually adjust the size of the Stage.

stage is too big

5.1. Click on the icon to resize the Stage.

resize the Stage button is selected.

5.2. Using the drop down menu select "Original recording dimensions".

Original recording dimensions is selected.

5.3. Click on OK.

OK button is selected.
6. If the video does not auto rotate, you need to do it manually.

Follow these sub-steps to manually rotate the video image.

upside down.

6.1. Grab the rotation tool with your mouse.

Clicking on the Stage will display the rotation and alignment tool. Grab the green-colored circle just off-center of the Stage.

rotation tool is selected.

6.2. Rotate the image using the rotation tool in green.

rotating video

6.3. The video is now right-side up on the stage.

 video displays on the Stage.

7. Click on File in the main tool menu.

File is selected.

8. Choose a name and location and Save.

Save button is selected.

9. Click on Produce and share.

Produce and share button is selected.

10. Using the drop down menu, Select "MP4 only".

The three built-in choices for MP4 only allow you to choose according to how large you want the video to display and how large you want the file size to be.

  1. MP4 only (up to 480p) - Since this particular video sample is only a headshot, reducing the display size to 480 is fine. It will reduce the display dimensions of the video to 854x480. The file size will also be greatly reduced from 188 MB to 10 MB.
  2. MP4 only (up to 720p) - Since the original video is 1280x720, this choice is also acceptable but not necessary for a headshot. It is good for PowerPoint narration video, screen capture video, and video with greater detail. The file size will also be greatly reduced from 188 MB to 21 MB.
  3. MP4 only (up to 1080p) - Since this setting is larger than the original, the video will produce at the original size of 1280x720. This size is good for displaying PowerPoint narration video or screen capture video on a 1080 HD TV. The file size will also be greatly reduced from 188 MB to 25 MB.
MP4 only is selected.

11. Click on Next.

 Next button is selected.

12. Click on Finish.

The MP4 video file, which will be produced, will have the same name as the Camtasia Studio project. However, you can change that video file name on this screen if you desire. Change the name before clicking on Finish.

Finish button is selected.

13. The video will render.

progress bar

14. The video is now right-side up.

video is rightside up

15. Note that the video file size has been reduced.

Using the default settings for Produce and share, the newly created video file is significantly smaller than the original file. In this sample, the original was 188 MB and the new one is only 21 MB. A significant reduction in size (and quality).

Note that the file has been converted from an MOV (QuickTime) to an MP4, which is much more Internet friendly.

Article Summary

You have learned how to use Camtasia Studio to rotate and convert an upside down iPad video, so that you can use it in your course in TITANium.