How do I enable self-enrollment for my Community?

You will learn how to enable Self-enrollment for your Community. This will allow any user in TITANium Communities to enroll himself/herself in your community.

Follow these steps after you have made your community visible to participants.

1. Enter your community.

community main page

2. Click on Participants.

Participants link is selected.

3. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon is selected.

4. Select Enrolment methods.

enrolment methods is selected.

5. Click on Add method.

Add method dropdown is selected.

6. Select Self enrolment.

Self enrolment is selected.

7. Leave setting at their defaults.

Note: If you wish to limit who can self-enroll, then use the Enrolment key field to add a password which is required for enrolling.

Self enrolment settings page

8. Enable a welcome message by selecting From the course contact.

Sending a welcome message is optional.

From the course contact is selected.

9. Type a message.

textfield is selected.

10. Click on Add method.

Add method button is selected.

11. Self-enrollment is now active.

Enrolment methods page

Article Summary

You have now learned how to enable Self-enrollment in your TITANium community.