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How do I save my question bank in the Aiken format?

You will learn how to format your Multiple Choice questions in the Aiken format, so that you can upload an entire question bank at one time. Aiken is a simple format for uploading questions which does not include feedback or other information, aside from the correct answer.

In this example, the test questions are from a publisher. If the publisher has a software program, like ExamView or TestGen, it is usually possible to export the question bank in a form which can be directly uploaded to TITANium.

Follow these steps if you already have a Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (RTF) or similar word processing document file and are ready to do a little reformatting.

1. Open your question bank file.

In this example, the file is being opened in Microsoft Word 2013 (.DOCX file type).

MS Word document with test questions
Saving the file as Plain text with UTF-8 encoding.

1. Click on File.

File link is selected.

2. Click on Save As.

Save As link is selected.

3. Choose the location on your computer (or elsewhere).

Desktop is selected.

4. Select Plain Text (*.txt) for file type.txt for file type.

Plain Text (*.txt) is selected.

5. Click on Save.

Save button is selected.

6. Click on Other encoding.

Other encoding is selected.

7. Select Unicode (UTF-8).

Unicode (UTF-8) is selected.

8. Click on OK.

OK button is selected.
Formatting your document.

Follow these sub-steps, so that your file will upload without returning any errors or mangling any of your questions.

1. Open the file in a plain text editor like Notepad.

The plain text editor shows only text and spacing. Some of that text and spacing will need to be deleted, so that the document file conforms to the allowed format.

plain text editor like Notepad

2. Remove all line breaks and text before the first question.

line breaks removed.

3. Remove the question number.

The question number doesn't actually have to be removed, but it will become part of the text of the question regardless of the order of the questions presented during a Quiz.

question numbers removed.

4. Capitalize answer choices.

The answer choice letters must all be CAPS. You can use either a period after the choice or you can use a closing bracket.

Note that the tab between the answer choice letter and the answer that was in Word, may look like a tab in Notepad but actually is only a character space.

answer choices capitalized

5. Add a line with the correct answer after the last answer choice.

The word ANSWER must be in all CAPS followed by a colon, then a space, then the correct answer choice. In this case, that choice is answer C. The C must be capitalized; otherwise, TITANium will not recognize the correct answer.

Correct answer added.

6. Leave only one line break between questions.

Note the difference between the first question and the second question. Either format is acceptable.

Line break between questions added

7. Save and close the file.

Save and close the file selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to save your question bank in the Aiken format for upload to your course. Read this guide to learn how to import your Aiken format question bank.

Resources: Moodle 3.2 Aiken format webpage.