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How do I upload an Aiken format question bank to my course?

You will learn how to import your question bank which has been saved in the Aiken format within a plain text document file. Aiken is a simple format for uploading questions which do not include feedback or other information, aside from the correct answer.

Follow these steps after you have already saved your question bank as a plain text file and have reformatted the questions.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

course main page

2. Click on the Question bank link.

 Question bank link is selected.

3. Click on Categories.

After the Question bank expands, click on the Categories link, so that you can add a new category.

Categories link is selected

4. Scroll down the page to the Add category section.

Add category section.

5. Type a title for the new category.

Choose a title that will help you to keep your question banks organized for easy use. For example, if you plan to create some Essay questions, you may want to create an additional category called "Quiz Chapter 1 essay".

Name field

6. Click on Add category.

 Add category button is selected

7. Click on the 0 of the new category.

The 0 represents the number of questions currently in that category.

(0) indicates no questions in category

8. Click on Import.

Returning to the Administration block, scroll down to the Question bank section to click on Import.

 Import link is selected.

9. Select Aiken under File format.

Aiken format is selected.

10. Under the General section, choose Quiz Chapter 1 for the Import category.

The newly created category should already be selected, but if it is not, select it now from the drop down list.

Import category field is selected.

11. Drag the question bank text file from your computer to the web browser.

File upload area

12. Click on Import.

 Import button is selected.

13. The parsing data is shown.

If you made a mistake in the formatting of the questions and the line between questions, you receive a message in red indicating an error.

 parsing data is displayed.

14. Scroll down the page and click on Continue.

Continue button is selected.

15. The questions are all now within the chosen category.

Note: If you received an error message on the parsing import page, then you should delete all of the questions which did import, fix your document formatting, then try to import the entire list again.

questions are displayed within the Quiz Chapter 1 category.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to import your question bank which you had previously saved in the Aiken format in a plain text file. Read this guide to learn how to link your questions to a quiz.