How do I install Adobe Reader DC to view PDF documents?

You will learn how to install the free Adobe Reader program, so that you can view PDF documents which you download from the Internet. New computers typically already have software to view PDF documents.

PDF on course main page

1. Go to

adobe reader webpage

2. Deselect the Optional offer.

Optional offer is deselected.

3. Click on Install now.

Install now button is selected.

4. The installer program will download.

Click on the link at the bottom o the web browser.

download progress

5. Click on Run.

If the UAC - User Access Control -  is activated, click on Run.

Run button is selected.

6. Click on Yes.

Yes button is selected.

7. The program will download and install.

Installer progress

8. Click on Finish.

Finish button is selected.

9. Click on the PDF document in the course.

 PDF is selected.

10. The document now opens in Adobe Reader DC.

The sample PDF document from

PDF open in Adobe Reader DC.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to install Adobe Reader DC, so that you can read Adobe PDF document files.