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How do I use Groups and Restrict access to limit access to an Activity?

You will learn how to limit access to an Activity to a given group of students by using Groups and Restrict access. For example, in this article you will see how the Groups tool and the Restrict access tool allow only students within a given group to access a self-evaluation questionnaire for their group project.

First, set up a Questionnaire activity on your course main page. Then, put your students into groups using the Groups tool. Now, you will learn how to use the Restrict access tool to limit which group members can access the Questionnaire activity. This process can be used for any Resource or Activity.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

2. Click on Turn editing on.

Click on the Turn editing on button in the top-right corner of your course main page.

3. Scroll down to the Activity you want to limit access to.

5. Click on Edit settings.

6. Expand Restrict access.

Scroll down the page to the Restrict access section and click to expand.

7. Click on Add restriction.

8. Click on Group.

The options that appear on this pop-up menu will differ depending upon which settings you have previously configured for your course. For example, the Group option will only appear if you have already created at least one group in your course. Other restrictions which may appear are Grouping and Activity completion. Date, Grade, User profile and Restriction set are always available.

Group button is selected.

9. Use the drop down menu to select Group A.

10. Click on the Eye to completely hide this Activity from students who are not part of Group A.

Clicking the Eye will hide the restriction message from students and only students from Group A (in this case) will even see this Activity. All other students will not even be aware that the Activity even exists. It will not show on their course main page, nor in their Grades.

11. Click on Save and return to course.

12. The Restrict access message is displayed below the Activity.

Viewing the Activity now on your course man page, you will see the restriction listed under the activity.

13. Only students in that particular group can see that Activity.

Viewing the course main page as a student with membership in Group A, the Activity is visible without the restriction message.

Only students in that  group can see the link.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to limit student access to an Activity in your course via group membership.