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How do I create multiple choice questions for a Quiz?

You will learn how to create questions for the Quiz Activity in your course in TITANium. Follow these steps to learn how to make a multiple choice question.

Read this guide to learn how to add the Quiz activity to your course.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon is selected.

3. Select More...

More... link is selected.

4. Click on Categories in the Question bank section.

Categories link is selected.

5. Scroll down to Add category.

Add category section

6. Type a title for the category.

Name field is selected

7. Click on Add category.

Add category button is selected.

8. Click on the 0 to the right of the new category.

The zero to the right of the category name indicates the number of questions in that category. Since this is a new category, there are no questions in it. To begin creating questions, click on the (0).

'0' is selected.

9. Click on Create a new question.

Create a new question is selected.

10. Type a Question name.

The Question name is only seen by you, the instructor, and is used to help you keep your questions organized and allow you to see the topic of the question at a glance.

 Question name is selected

11. Add text, images, video or other content to the Question text.

Question text is selected.

12. Adjust the default point is desired.

Leaving the default points at 1 is recommended. If you want to adjust the relative value of the questions within your quiz, do so not at the time the questions are created but when they are added to a particular quiz.

Default points is set to 1.

13. Add General feedback if desired.

General feedback will be shown to the student after they answer a question if the quiz is set up for immediate feedback. Specific feedback, which is shown in the next steps will be shown to the student based on which answer choice they have selected.

General feedback field is selected.

14. Select One answer only for One or multiple answers.

For a Multiple Choice question leave this setting on One answer only. For a Multiple Answer question, change the setting to Multiple answers allowed.

One answer only is selected.

15. Check the box for Shuffle the choices.

Note: Only click the Shuffle the choices? box if you do not write answer choices like "All of the above" or "A and B only". Those types of answers wouldn't make since if they were to be randomly shuffled.

 Shuffle the choices is checked.

16. Select your prefered numbering method for the answer choices.

 a., b., c. is selected.

17. Type the first answer choice.

You can add text, images, video, etc. as the answer choice.

Choice 1 textbox is selected.

18. Select 100% for Grade.

Choice 1 is the correct answer, so the grade is 100%.

Tip: For a Multiple Answer question, select the percentage based on how many answers are correct. For example, if there are two correct answers, select 50% for each of the two correct answers. So, students must select both choices in order to receive full points for that question.

100% is selected for Grade.

19. Add Feedback if desired.

This feedback is based on the student's answer choice.

Feedback textbox is selected.

20. Type answers for the remaining choices.

Remaining answer choices are shown.

21. Select None for Grade for all incorrect answer choices.

None is selected for Grade.

22. Change the text of the combined feedback if desired.

Combined feedback textbox is selected.

23. Select a penalty if using Multiple tries.

If you are going to use a type of immediate feedback in your quiz, you can allow students multiple tries at each question.

33.33% is selected.

24. Type a Hint for each retry you want to allow.

The number of retries that a student can do on a question is based on the number of hints that you provide.

Hint 1 textbox is selected.

26. Click on Save changes.

Save changes button is selected.

27. You have now created a MC question.

Read this guide to learn how to add questions to a specific Quiz activity.

An MC question has been created.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a multiple choice question in your course in TITANium.