How do I install the Moodle Mobile App on my iPad?

You will learn how to install the Moodle App on your iPad for use in your courses in TITANium.

Login to your iPad and follow these steps:

This guide has been updated for TITANium 2019-2020.

1. Tap on App Store.

App Store is selected
Search is selected
'moodle' is typed in the search box

4. Tap on GET.

GET is selected

5. Tap on OPEN.

OPEN is selected

6. Tap on Allow if asked.

Allow is selected

7. Type the current URL for TITANium.


Keep in mind that this URL will change every academic year. You must update the URL each June in order to login to the current version of TITANium. For example, next year the URL will be "".

The URL field is selected

8. Tap on Connect.

Connect is selected

9. Type your CSUF username and password and tap on Login.

When the CSUF Portal redirect appears, use your regular CSUF Portal login information.

username and password fields selected

10. Duo Authorization

Perform whatever duo authorization needs to do in order to authorize your login. In this case, the Duo Authorization on my iPad is set to call my cell phone.

Here is the CSUF website on configuring your Duo Authorization.

Duo auth

11. Click on Login.

This should bring you to the TITANium 2019-2020 login page.

Login link is selected

12. View your TITANium Dashboard.

View your list of courses.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to install the Moodle App on your iPad.