How can Online Education and Training assist me?

The department of Online Education and Training (OET) has several ways we can assist Cal State Fullerton faculty to improve their online and hybrid courses and to lighten their course development load.

1. Offer instructional design and best practices advice

Years of experience working with faculty on creating and maintaining online, hybrid and f-2-f courses, we have learned a lot about best practices in online and hybrid teaching and learning here at Cal State Fullerton. If you are new to teaching on-line or would like to redesign a course, we can assign an Instructional Designer to offer input, to help setup your course, to advise about best practices for accessible content, creating media (video, audio, flash, etc.), and creating interactive activities for your students in TITANium.

2. Offer assistance with making your course Accessibility compliant

Making our courses universally accessible is becoming ever more important as the University makes its courses available to an ever wider population through CourseMatch and online degree completion programs. We can assist you in making your documents, presentations, and activities universally accessible.

3. Offer use of our studio

The well-equiped OET studio has a green screen stage for video recording. The staff can record, edit, and publish videos for use in your online, hybrid, or face-to-face course. The studio also has rooms for audio and screen capture recording.

4. Offer advice in working in TITANium

Monday-Friday, 8-5, walk-in assistance is available at the Faculty Commons, PLS-237. We can assist you with your course in TITANium, such as setting up the Grades, posting an Activity (like a forum or a wiki), uploading a question bank, or pretty much anything else you want to do in TITANium. Email assistance is also available at

Contact Information

Contact us in the way that is most convenient for you:

Online Education and Training

Email: (for scheduling video or instructional design) - (for advice on working with TITANium - like setting up your Grades)

Phone: (657) 278-4528

Walk-in: Faculty Commons, PLS-237