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How do I enable Proctorio online proctoring in my Quiz?

You will learn how to enable Proctorio online proctoring (software monitoring) for a Quiz in your course in TITANium.

Some faculty feel that using an online proctoring app while students are taking exams or quizzes will ensure that students will not and cannot cheat.  

Alert: Proctorio only works with Chrome! You as an instructor must use Chrome and your students must also use Chrome. Both of you must have the Proctorio extension installed and active within the Chrome web browser.

1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.

Download and install Chrome if it is not currently installed on your computer.

2. Install the Proctorio extension.

Read this guide to learn how to install the proctorio extension or go directly to the Chrome Web Store.

Now, there are two tasks you need to do in your course in TITANium.

4. Enable Proctorio within a Quiz activity.

Now that the External tool is installed, you need to add it to your desired Quiz activity.

4.1. Click on the link to your quiz.

Click Quiz 5 to get to the exam link selected

4.2. Click on the Gear.

Gear icon selected

4.3. Select Edit settings.

Edit settings selected

4.4. Scroll down the page to Proctorio Settings.

Proctorio Settings is selected

4.5. Click the checkbox to Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor.

Note: Once you click to enable Proctorio, a password will automatically be set by Proctorio. Do not attempt to change it. This password requires students to have Proctorio installed in order to take the quiz.

4.6. Here are some of the options to use to monitor your Exam.

Select the options which best fit the quiz you are giving. For example, if students will need to follow any links, then you cannot disable new tabs. If students need to view an Excel sheet to answer questions, then you cannot block downloads nor force full screen. Consider what your students will need to do for this quiz before choosing which settings you want.

Proctorio settings

4.7. To save your settings for an easier set up for the next Quiz, click on Create New Profile.

Create New Profile button

4.8. Click on Save and return to course.

Save and resturn to course button selected

4.9. Your quiz name has been appended by Proctorio.

"(Remote Proctoring)" has been added to the title of the quiz. This quiz is now set up to require students to be proctored in order to be able to take this quiz.

Access Quiz/Exam

Getting Help

In order to access the Proctorio Help and Support Center (including guides and live chat), users must:

  • Be logged in to Chrome.
  • Have the Proctorio Chrome extension installed with that same user account.
  • Must be in a TITANium course in which Proctorio has been enabled.

To access Proctorio support guides or Live Chat (from within your course webpage):

  1. Click on the Proctorio Chrome extension icon.
  2. Click Live Chat to text with a Proctorio representative.
  3. Click Help and Support Center for videos and step-by-step guides.
Proctorio help menu

Note: The Proctorio live chat and guides are only available if the extension displays in your web browser. Remember, you need to be in your course where you are a Teacher.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to enable Proctorio within your Quiz activity, so that students who are taking a quiz in your course will be monitored.