How do I use the H5P Embed button in TITANium 2020-2021?

This guide applies to TITIANium 2020-2021.

In TITANium 2020-2021 (Moodle 3.8), you have the ability to embed H5P content within other TITANium Resources or Activities content, using a new button on the Atto rich text editor toolbar.  This button is visible in most text entry areas available in TITANium Activities or Resources, such as Pages, Books, Forums, etc.).  

H5P Menu button in all textboxes

text box menu showing the h5P button

To use the Atto editor button, the H5P activity should already exist--for instance, in another of your TITANium courses.  You will use that H5P Activity's backup file, which end in.h5p suffixes, to import and embed it elsewhere in other TITANium 3.8 courses.  

Watch this short video, which explains the basic operation of the new feature:

In TITANium 3.8, H5P apps embedded with the Atto editor are not linked to, nor graded in the TITANium grade book. To create gradable H5P assignments or activities, create them as distinct items, using the H5P content editor that is found by clicking H5P on the "Add Acitivities and Resources"panel. It's also recommended that such gradable H5P assignments be placed in appropriate grade book Categories that are intended for graded items.