How do I manually grade quiz questions?

You will learn how to grade Essay questions within a Quiz activity. You will also learn how to override an automatically graded question.

Follow these steps after the quiz has already been attempted by one or more students.

1. Enter the course.

course main page displays
Quiz activity link selected.

3. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon selected.

4. Select Manual grading.

Manual grading selected.

You have two choices.

Do you want to learn how to grade an essay question or override the correct answer for another type of question?

I want to grade an Essay.

This sample quiz has two essay questions which both need to be graded.

grade all link is selected

2. View the student's response.

student response

3. Type a Comment.

4. Type the grade.

Grade field selected

5. Click on Save and go to next page.

Save and go to next page button

6. The Manual grading page has been updated.

Continue with any other grading you want to perform, such as the second essay question.

Manual grading page updated

7. Students grade now displays in the gradebook.

After you have finished grading all of the Essay questions, then students will be able to see their grades in the User report (Grades).

User report page
I want to override a grade.

1. Click on "Also show questions..."

'Also show questions that have been graded automatically'

2. Click on update grades or grade all.

update grades is selected

3. View the student's attempt.

Note: This is an auto-graded multiple choice question which the student got wrong.

Student's response (2)

4. Type the desired grade.

Grade field selected (2)

5. Click on Save and go to next page.

Save and go to next page button selected

6. The student's grade has been updated in the User report.

The User report is the gradebook that the students see.

User report (2)

Article Summary

You have now learned how to manually grade quiz activity questions, such as Essay questions and other question types which you need to override.