How do I create a Description question?

You will learn how to create a Description question type for use in the Quiz tool in your course in TITANium.

Description questions are not actually questions requiring an answer, they are simply a textbox where you can add text, images, videos, etc. They are useful for when you want to present a case study or scenario or reading after which you then want to pose some questions. Both the text and questions could then be displayed on the same page in a Quiz.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear selected.

3. Select More.

More is selected

4. Click on the Categories tab for Question.

Note: it is not necessary to create a new category; however, it does help when the questions and categories are well organized.

Categories is selected

5. Type a name for a new category.

Name field is selected

6. Click on Add category.

Add category is selected.

7. Click on the (0).

0 is selected

8. Click on Create a new question.

Create a new question is selected

9. Select Description.

The Description question type is only a textbox where you can add text, images, video, etc. You do not actually pose a question and expect an answer. So, for the sake of this guide, we will add any text which is useful for the questions that follow into the Description question type.

Description is selected

10. Click on Add.

Add is selected.

11. Type a question name.

This is information for you only. Students cannot see this Question name text at all.

Question name field

12. Type in the text or other content for the case study or scenario.

This is the text students will see. You can add text, images, videos, etc.

Question text field is selected

13. Click on Save changes.

Save changes button selected

You have now completed making a Description question type. You can then continue with whatever other questions you want to make regarding this case study.

Below are links on how to create some other question types:

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a Description question for use in the Quiz tool in your course.