How do I use Restore to copy a course? (Academic Year 2020-2021)

This guide applies to TITANium 2020-2021.

You will learn how to use the Restore tool to copy another course into your current course in TITANium for academic year 2020-2021.

When should I use Restore?

The Restore tool should be used whenever you want to copy a course from one academic year to another. In this guide we will copy a 2019-2020 course into a 2020-2021 course.

Restore requires that you first create a Backup file of your original course. If you intend to use a course from a previous academic year, the backup file should be created automatically by the TITANium administrator toward the end of each spring semester (usually in April or May). So, if you have made significant changes since that backup file was made, then you should create your own backup file from the previous academic year.

The Restore process will import the instructional content (files, activities, etc.) and the gradebook setup into your current 2020-2021 course.

When should I use Import?

Use Import to copy course content from the same academic year. For example, if you are teaching in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, you can use Import to copy from fall to spring.

1. Enter the 2020-2021 course.

The sample course shown is a Sandbox course, but this process will work with any kind of course.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon is selected.

3. Select Restore.

Restore is selected.

4. Scroll down to the User private backup area.

This area holds the backup files for your previous courses. The TITANium admin will create backup at the end of spring each year; however, Winter/Intersession and Sandbox courses are not included in the backup process, so those may have be done manually by you.

User private backup area is displayed

5. Click on Restore.

Restore link is selected.
If your backup file is not listed, follow these steps to add it.
No courses are listed.

1. Click on Manage backup files

Manage backup files button is selected.

2. Drag the backup file to the file upload area

If you have not yet made a backup file or have not yet downloaded it to your computer, read this article to learn how to create a backup file.

The file size limit is 100 MB.

If your file is larger than 100 MB, you need to send an email to, giving them the name of the original course and the name of the new course. You will be notified when a backup file of your original course has been uploaded. Then, you can use Restore to copy the content into the new course.

Drag the backup file

3. Click on Save changes

Wait for the Moodle icon to appear before clicking on the Save changes button.

Save changes

4. Your course should now be listed in the User private backup area.

Your course backup file has now been uploaded to the User private backup area. You can click on the Restore link to the right of your course backup file.

Restore link is selected (2)

5. Click on Restore.

Restore link is selected (3)

6. Scroll down the page and click on Continue.

Continue button is selected (2)

7. Select Merge the backup course into this course.

It is essential to Merge the backup into the course. If you choose Delete, you may likely remove yourself from your own course and leave your course in an unstable state. If you do get removed from your course, email

Merge the backup is selected.

8. Click on Continue.

Continue button is selected (3)

9. Select which Restore settings you want.

Generally, if restoring the entire course, leave all of the choices selected. However, if, for example, you do not want any of your old course blocks, deselect the Include blocks checkbox.

Restore settings page is displayed

10. Click on Next.

Next button is selected (2)

11. Do not overwrite the course configuration.

Overwrite course configuration set to No.

12. Select All/None

At this point you can deselect any of the course content items you do not want to copy. However, to select any resource or activity within a topic section, the topic section must be selected.

Select All/None menu choice
Alert: Do you have any h5P activities in your course backup file?

If so, then you need to deselect them in the list as shown in the screenshot below.

Deselected h5p activities (2)

13. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Next.

Next button is selected (3)

14. Verify the resources and activities you have selected, then click on Perform restore.

Perform restore button is selected.
Did you receive an error message?

This error message may be caused by having an H5P activity in your course backup file. H5P activities have to be downloaded from the old course and uploaded to the new course individually.

error message

Start the Restore process over at the beginning and at Step 11, deselect any H5P activities you have in your course backup file.

Deselected h5p activities

15. Click on Continue.

Continue button is selected (4)

16. The instructional content now displays

When you compare this new course to the original, you will see that they are not exact duplicates. You may need to adjust some elements of the course, such as the Blocks on the course main page and other settings like Completion tracking. Otherwise, the Grades should be the same and all of the Activities and Resources should be the same. You may need to adjust due dates or references to dates used in the previous course. If you have any External Tool activities, like Turnitin, Vitalsource (Titan Direct), Course attendance report, etc., then those will need to be re-connected to that particular resource.

If your course uses video or audio hosted in ShareStream, you will need to copy those media assets. Follow this guide to learn how to copy your media assets.

course main page with new content

Alert: Most external tools, like Turnitin, VitalSource, etc. need to be re-set after each copy.

Alert: Do you have any ShareStream videos? If so, you need to copy them from the previous course into this course. You can do that by clicking on the Pick-N-Play link. Then, click on Copy.

Do you have any Sharestream videos in an activity or resource? If so, you may need to update the embed code.

Do you have two Announcements forums?

1. Click on Edit.

Edit selected

2. Select Delete.

Delete selected

3. Click on Yes.

Yes button selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to use the Restore tool to copy your course from a backup file.