How do I link to a video in Dropbox?

You will learn how to link to a video file stored in your Dropbox account. This will allow students in your course in TITANium to view the video.

Follow these steps after you have uploaded the appropriate video (preferably mp4 or m4v) to your Dropbox account.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon selected

3. Turn editing on.

Turn editing on is selected

4. Click on Add an activity or resource.

Add an activity or resource link

5. Select the File resource.

Note that there are several ways to link to a file in Dropbox. This is simply one way to do that.

File is selected

6. Click on Add.

Add button selected
Name field selected

8. Click on the Add button in the File upload area..

Note: Don't worry about the 100 MB file limit.

Add button selected

9. Click on Dropbox.

Dropbox selected

10. Click on Log in to your account.

Log in to your account button selected

11. Click on CSU Fullerton

Conversely, if you want to use your personal account, click on Personal.

CSU Fullerton button selected

12. Your Dropbox folders should appear.

Note: If your Dropbox account doesn't display, you may instead be prompted to log in to the CSUF Portal again.

Dropbox folders display
Wait. I don't see my Dropbox.

12.1. Log in to the CSUF Portal again.

After logging in to the CSUF portal again, your Dropbox folders should appear.

CSUF Portal login page.
Zoom folder contains the desired video file

14. Click on the file to be linked.

mp4 video file is selected

15. Select Create an alias/shortcut to the file.

Note: If your file is larger than 100 MB, then you MUST select to create a shortcut. If you do not, your attempt will be unsuccessful.

Create an alias is selected

16. Click on Appearance.

Appearance is selected

17. Using the dropdown menu, select Embed or New Window.

Display options: Force download - This is the default. The video file will download if the student clicks on the link. For videos, most students will prefer to view the video rather than download it.

So, select any other options besides Force download. You choose how you want it to display in your course. Embed or New window may be the best choice.

Embed is selected.

18. Click on Save and display.

Save and display button is selected

19. Click on the play button to play the video.

Play button selected

20. The video should now play.

Video is playing
course main page in student view

22. Article Summary

You have now learned how to link your video in Dropbox to your course in TITANium.