How do I create a Flipgrid account?

What is Flipgrid?

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 Flipgrid is a website for creating asynchronous video discussions with your students. With Flipgrid, students can submit short video responses for icebreaker activities, individual responses, discussion topics, and even oral reports or exams. Create a Topic in Flipgrid and directly respond to student videos or have students reply to one another. Flipgrid is an efficient way to promote engagement and community.


In this article you area going to learn how to create a Flipgrid account using your CSUF Google account.

Creating an Account

1. Go to and click "create one!"

create one link is selected

2. Click on Sign up with Google or Sign up with Microsoft.

At Cal State Fullerton every faculty member has a CSUF Google and a CSUF Microsoft account. Use either one to create your new Flipgrid account.

NOTE: In this guide we are using the CSUF Google Account.

sign up with google is selected

3. Select your CSUF account.

If you haven't yet used Titan Apps or you are not logged in to your Google Chrome browser, you may need to log in to the CSUF Portal and click on the Titan Apps link and then log in to Titan Apps.

choose account window

4. Fill in the information (A).

Enter your basic information including first and last names, country, etc. However, if you are using your Google or Microsoft account, your name and email will already be filled in.

Let's Go! button selected

5. Click the "Let's Go!" button (B)

fill up information window

6. You have created your Flipgrid account.

You do not need to create a topic at this point. Just close the window.

Welcome to Flipgrid window

Article Summary

In this article you learned how to create a Flipgrid account.