How do I install Zoom on a PC?

You will learn how to install Zoom on your PC, so that you can host Zoom webinars. These steps are done on a Windows 7 PC. webpage displays

2. Login to the CSUF Portal

Use your campus username, password, and click on Login.

CSUF Portal page

3. Click on the Menu bars in the top left hand corner

Hamburger icon is selected.

4. Click on Web Meetings

Web Meetings is selected.

5. Click on Zoom

Zoom link is selected.

6. You have now activated your CSUF Zoom account

You are logged into your Zoom account which you can access either via the CSUF Portal or via the CSUF Zoom web page.

CSUF Zoom webpage

7. Hover your mouse over Host a Meeting and click on With Video on

Likewise, you could select With Video off, or click on Join a Meeting.

Host a meeting is selected.

8. The Zoom app should start to download

Zoom app downloads

9. Click on download & run Zoom

If the Zoom_launcher.exe file doesn't start to download, you may need to click on the link to download & run Zoom.

download & run Zoom link is selected.

10. Open the Zoom_launcher.exe

Either click on the link within the web browser or go to your Downloads folder to launch the Zoom_launcher.exe file.

Zoom_launcher downloads

11. Click on Run

Run button is selected.

12. The Zoom app will install

Zoom app installation progress bar

13. The Zoom session will begin

Zoom session window

Article Summary

You have now learned how to install the Zoom app on a PC.