How do I install Zoom on a Mac?

You will learn how to install the Zoom app on your Mac. This process will first activate your CSUF Zoom account, and then download the Zoom app for you use on your Mac.

1. Go to webpage

2. Login to the CSUF Portal

Use your username and password.

CSUF Portal login webpage

3. Click on Web Meetings

The Web Meetings icon may be along the top row of icons or it may be along the left side.

Web Meetings is selected.

4. Click on Zoom

 Zoom link is selected.

5. The Fullerton Zoom portal will display

Fullerton Zoom portal displays webpage displays

7. Click the download button

download button is selected

8. Double-click the downloaded file

zoomusinstaller is selected

9. Click on Continue

Continue button is selected

10. Click on Continue

Continue button is selected

11. Click on Sign In

Sign In button is selected

12. Click on Login with SSO

Login with SSO button is selected

13. Type 'fullerton'

fullerton is typed into the domain name field

14. Click on Continue

Continue button is selected

15. Type your username, password, and click on Login

Login with SSO page

16. Your Zoom account Dashboard should now display

Zoom account Dashboard

Article Summary

You have now learned how to install Zoom on your Mac.