How do I embed a YouTube video in a Forum?

You will learn how to embed a YouTube video in a forum text box using the embed code provided by YouTube.

Follow these steps after you have added a forum to your course. This example forum has groups and is restricted to a grouping; however, that is not a requirement. Read this article to learn more about using groups and a grouping in a forum activity.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

course main page
The Iceman forum is selected.

3. Click on Edit settings in the Forum administration block.

Edit settings link is selected.

4. Expand the text box menu.

Expan menu button is selected.

5. Click on the HTML tool.

HTML button is selected.

6. In a new tab, navigate to the desired YouTube video.

youtube page url is selected

7. Scroll down the page and click on Share.

Share link is selected.

8. Click on Embed.

Embed link is selected.

9. Click on Show more.

Show more link is selected.

10. Select only 'Show player controls' and 'Enable privacy-enhanced mode'.

options for embed are selected.

11. Select the embed code.

Select the embed code.

12. Copy the embed code.

Embed code is selected

13. Return to the Edit forum page.

Edit forum page is displayed.

14. Click on the location in the text box where you want the video to display.

html view of the textbox is displayed.

15. Right-mouse click and select Paste as plain text (or as Paste).

Paste as plain text is selected.

16. The embed code now displays.

the textbox is displayed in html mode

17. Click on the HTML button.

HTML button is selected.

18. The video should display within the text box.

video displays in the textbox

19. Click on Save and display.

Save and display button is selected.

20. The Video is now available within the Forum page.

forum page with video embedded

Article Summary

You have now learned how to embed a YouTube video in a forum text box using the embed code provided by YouTube.