How do I edit video captions in YouTube?

You will learn how to edit the auto-generated captions YouTube can create for your video.

Follow these steps after you have uploaded, set English as the language of your video, and YouTube has auto-generated the captions for your video.

1. Click on the Sign in icon.

Click on the Sign in icon.

2. Click on YouTube Studio.

Note: Yours might be Creator Studio.

Click on Creator Studio.

3. Click on the Videos icon along the left-hand side

Videos icon is selected

4. Your uploaded videos should display.

Online Learning clip 1 is displayed

5. Click on the desired video clip.

Online Learning clip 1 is selected.

6. Click on Transcriptions.

Transcriptions is selected.

7. Click on Published for English (Automatic).

Note: If you do not have a Published link is available, then you do not have automatic captions.

Published is selected.

8. The video will display in the captions editor.

Captions editor is display.

9. Click on Edit.

Edit button is selected.

10. Make the desired edits as you listen to the video.

Text box is selected.

11. Click on Save changes.

Save changes button is selected.

12. Your revised captions have now been published.

two set of captions are now available.
Would you like to delete the automatic captions?
English (Automatic) is selected (2)

2. Click on Unpublish.

Unpublish is selected.

3. You now only have your edited captions.

Only English is now listed for captions.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to edit the auto-generated captions in YouTube.