How do I copy media assets in MediaManager?

You will learn that media assets in ShareStream (such as video and audio files) must be copied for each course in which you want to use them.

This guide will show you how to copy media assets using the MediaManager block in your course.

This guide has been updated for TITANium 2019-2020.

First, decide whether you want to copy all of your media assets or just select ones:

I want to copy all media assets.

The best way to copy all of your media assets is to use the Pick-n-Play block instead of the MediaManager, unless you already have some videos in the destination course.

1. Enter your destination course.

This is the course where you want to copy the media assets to. For example, if you have two sections of the same course, you copy the course content in TITANium, then you copy the media assets in ShareStream. Both steps need to be taken for each course and each term.

course main page

2. Click on the Pick-n-Play block.

In order to create a course folder in ShareStream, you must first click on the Pick-n-Play link in your course.

Sharestream Pick-n-Play link is selected.

3. Return to your course main page.

Note: The Course Media Copy Wizard will only display in the Pick-n-Play block if you have no videos in that course. Using the Course Media Copy Wizard is the easiest way to copy ALL of your videos from one course to another.

Course breadcrump is selected to return to course main page.

Follow these steps if you already have some videos in your current course.

ShareStream MediaManager link is selected.

5. Click on Yes.

If this Wizard or the Media Manager does not load, clear your browser history and re-login to the CSUF Portal.

Yes button is selected

6. Type the name of your sandbox course

Search box is selected

7. Select that course

Sandbox course is selected

8. Click on Proceed.

Proceed button is selected

9. Click on OK.

OK button is selected

10. Media Manager loads.

media manager

11. Student view of the Pick-n-Play.

Student pick n play
I want to copy select media assets.

If you have never used the MediaManager or the Pick-n-Play block for this course (in other words, you have no videos in this course - in ShareStream), then you need to first click on the Pick-n-Play link before clicking on the MediaManager link.

MediaManager link

2. Click on the Login button if it appears.

You should be automatically logged in, but if you are not, then first try clicking the Login button. If that does not work, refresh your CSUF Portal login. Then, return to the Media Manager block and click on the link again.

Login button is selected

3. This course will display in the menu.

Only videos in this course will be listed.

Media manager
Multi-course view link is selected

5. Your list of courses with media assets should display.

MediaManager page displays.

6. Click on the Sandbox course.

Kenneth Moyer Sandbox is selected.

7. Right-mouse click on the desired video.

Note: This process only allows you to copy one video or one folder at a time.

Deep Ocean is selected.

8. Select Copy Asset.

Copy Asset is selected.

9. Select the name of the destination course.

Blank Course is selected.

10. Click on OK.

OK button is selected (#1)

11. Click on OK.

OK button is selected (#2)

12. Click on OK.

OK button is selected (3#)

13. The video now displays in your Course Folder.

Orphan Trains now displays in the course folder.

Your students can now access this video via the Pick-n-Play block in your course.

pick n play student view

Article Summary

You have now learned how to copy media assets from one course to another using the MediaManager.

Remember, this process must be followed for each course in which you want to use the media asset.