How do I add a course in iClicker Cloud?

1. Sign in to the SmartClassroom computer. Launch the iClicker Cloud application from the Desktop.

Double click the iClicker Cloud icon on the Desktop.

 iClicker Cloud application icon.

1.1. If you see a security warning window, please click the Run button.

please click the Run button.

2. Enter your login email and password and click "Sign In".

PLEASE NOTE: Do not check the box "This is a personal computer. Sign me in automatically." if you are running iClicker Cloud from a smart classroom podium.

Login dialog.

3. Create a course by clicking on "Create a Course" or "New Course" button

All of your polling results are organized by courses. Using the iClicker Cloud application, you can easily access past sessions,  questions, grade points, and view various reports. 

The course information is also used by your students to find and join your course. They will need this information to identify and select your course to participate in the polls you conduct in class.

'New Course' button

4. Enter your Course Name, the Start Date, and the End Date. When your course ends (based on the End Date), it is automatically archived. An archived course no longer appears in student searches and cannot be joined. Students already in the course, however, will continue to have access to the content as long as they do not remove themselves from the course.

Fill in as much information as possible to help your students find your course. Click Create once you've entered all information.

 start and end dates

5. Review the course information.

You can edit the course information by clicking the "Edit" button.

course information summary.