TITANium Resource CenterADDITIONAL GUIDESiClicker Setting up i>ClickerStudent: How do I create an iClicker Cloud account, register my remote ID, and vote in my course?

Student: How do I create an iClicker Cloud account, register my remote ID, and vote in my course?

Students will need an active iClicker Cloud to participate in polls in the classroom whether a smartphone, a remote, or a computer is being used to vote.  

1. From your Titanium course, locate the iClicker connection link (your teacher would have created this link for you) and click on it.

iClicker connection link is selected.

2. At the login window, locate and click 'Sign Up!'

Sign Up! link is selected.

3. Type 'Fullerton' in the search box. Select 'California State University Fullerton' in the search result, then click 'Next'.

Next button is selected.

4. Fill out the form with your information. Be sure to use the CSU Fullerton issued email address or your grades won't sync with your course.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to use a CSUF issued email address or your participation may not be sync.

data fields are selected

5. Put in a secure password.

password field is selected.

6. Click Sign In.

 Sign In button is selected.

7. Provide the email and password and click Sign In.

Sign in link is selected.

8. If you already have an iClicker remote, enter the remote ID into your profile.

8.1. Click the main menu icon.

Hamburger icon is selected.

8.2. Choose 'Profile'.

Profile button is selected.

8.3. Click > "Register Remotes"

8.4. Click the "Register Remote" button.

Register Remote button is selected.

8.5. Enter Remote ID and click Save.

Your remote ID is located in the back of your remote or it's displayed briefly when you first turn on the remote.

Remote ID is displayed.

9. You should now be able to use your remote to vote in a poll or take a quiz in the classroom.

9.1. To participate in a poll using the iClicker remote simply turn on the remote, make sure it is on the right frequency ("AA" by default, please verify with your instructor,) and vote by selecting the "right" letter on the remote. You may change your vote until the session is closed or until the instructor advances to the next question.

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Article Summary

You have now learned how to create an iClicker Cloud student account, register your remote ID, and vote in your course.